Increasing financial literacy, or else why everyone should have a financial plan

What is a financial literacy?

The skill to differentiate and choose on financial market only those things that we need and needlessly pay for services we do not use, we do not need, but financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, building societies and others, let us sign it under the pretext of suitability.

The financial literacy includes two main things: market knowledge and understanding of the text, which is written by those tiny letters.


What is a financial plan?

Defining my own wishes and goals throughout my life, and setting financial flows, so I manage to fulfill these dreams, while I am also able to enjoy the money and do not have my belt tightened  the whole life. It does not matter how much money I make, but how much I can save up. The aim of the financial plan is not to pay a lot of things from the financial market, but use only those effective and suitable enough for me.


So what do we do?

From our side, the target is the same for all clients.


You can learn how to specifically care about your finance on a personal meeting. Every client is different and has different needs and desires. Thanks to that, there will not be two individuals in the world, who have the same financial plan.

Yet there are a few basic tips on how to work with your finance. Over time there will be added short videos where I will try to explain these basic principles:

  • work with the reserves, or else be calm in every life situation
  • how to protect your income in unexpected situations
  • why pay rent when I can afford my own place
  • children, such a great joy of life, but also a concern, or else how to ensure the finance for our offspring
  • traveling in retirement? Yes, but not in the supermarkets…
  • I have assets, and I would hate to lose them.


How do we work?

The basis for each financial plan is to have enough information from the client, so first comes the introductory meeting, where we mostly speak about you, about your dreams and desires. It is also necessary to make financial balance, look at the current contracts of the financial market you pay and find out why you have these agreements and what led you to their creation.

At the next meeting we will present not only the financial plan which we will explain to you, but also to return to the contracts already closed and will explain how they work,  so you know what all you pay and how much it costs you.

The most important part of our financial life journey is the SERVICE, or long-term cooperation with our clients. As life is changing, our goals and desires are fulfilling over time. Thus, together with that, your financial plan needs to be adjusted, to match what you want.

Increasing financial literacy, or else why everyone should have a financial plan

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