Annuity and pension

Differences, dependence on the country.

What do you imagine by the word RENTIER?

For many people this is a man who has a lot of money, millions and lives from them. Imagine some German driving his caravan to the sea for a month, and there is spending his money disregardful to anyone.

Let’s give it a little to the reality today. For me personally, rentier is a man who all his life gave a little of money sideways and at the moment when he decided he did not want to work, or at least did not want to be financially dependent on his income, and began to reap its fruits and began to draw on the money. My goal is to make all of my clients become these rentiers and know that they will not be dependent on income from the state at the moment when they RETIRE.

Retirement means that the state will dictate when you leave work, and when you give some money. In essence, you become a civil servant. The question is whether you are able to make a living out of the amount of rent and whether you want to adjust your standard of living to the rent or keep the one you are used to.

The choice is always yours.