This category includes, for example, liability, accident insurance, liability insurance and so on. See a brief description of each type below.


Car insurance

Lawful insurance of vehicles and other means of transport, which protects you in case you cause an accident by your own fault. Money is paid only to the victim, not to you.


Accident insurance

Optional insurance when you are a culprit of an accident and you want to get money from the insurance company and to repair your vehicle.


Liability insurance of civil life

Imagine the scenario:

You’re in a store with your nicest child and suddenly what trickster did not want, the child throws shelves with goods down and does damage. Now what do I do?

Thanks to life insurance you are protected not only to the above case, but you are financially covered as well, for example, to a burst of water at home, when you float neighbors, or will cause other damage that happened coincidentally.


Liability insurance of holding real estate

If you own a property and want to be sure that if snow falls from your roof onto your neighbor’s parked car, the insurance company will pay the damage. But beware that if you rent your property, do not apply this policy to the tenant. In this case he, himself, must have his own liability insurance of civil life with the addition of insurance to rent.


Liability insurance unto the employer

You might work hard and well, but sometimes even a carpenter makes a mistake. And your employer wants you to pay the damages. By law, he still may want up to 4.5 times the amount of your gross salary.

Not having to pay damages out of your own pockets, there is liability insurance unto the employer. There is a choice of an option without driving a business car, with driving and also for professional drivers, including coverage of the load.